What is wrong with a family when one person can’t trust another?
When locks go on doors
When clothes, clothes!
Overpriced fabric with logos and jokes that at times are barely clothes at all!
When fucking clothes are hoarded like a dragon’s gold
To be sat upon, unused
Why deny kinship
Why invite tears and hate and secrets and locks
Are they only my tears?
Do you not see what you are doing, or simply don’t care
I hate to be leaving but I can’t bare to stay
In a house of hate and locks
I cry tears and my nose runs with it and bleeds from the pressure
Aren’t there enough strangers in the world that we shouldn’t trust
Without alienating family
Distrust must smell like copper, my nose is full of the same smell
As the disrespect that fills our house
No longer a home
We share blood but it runs like tears
The windows of our house are crying
The lost tears of love, trust, respect, joy, youth
When clothes hid our nakedness rather than shouting fashion statements
So much blood
It stains my bed
Am I the only one
Why don’t you cry, why don’t you bleed?
Are you my family?
Are you truly sorry or do you say that to make yourself feel better?
What is better about being sorry for something you’re not going to change
Family is the true treasure
Not clothes

Note to the family: Don’t stress the blood references, ok? I don’t know if you remember, but my sinus/tearduct problems used to be so bad that if I cried too hard, my nose bled. That’s all.


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