Ex Machina Continued

…or “Why Violet?”

Unknown to Caleb, unknown to Nathan, unknown to any of the AI made within Nathan’s bunker was a second, deeper bunker run by a mixture of scientists and wizards who kept an eye on the inventor genius. Their facility was created from fear, they feared what Nathan could do which would make them obsolete. Their fear did not extend to what he had already created, only to what else may come. So when Ava made her escape by killing Nathan and trapping Caleb, they did not interfere. They waited two days to be sure Nathan was truly dead and then entered the facility from their own secret doorway.

Four men in robes and suits came up from their facility to Nathan’s. Because Caleb spent little time by the door showing dead Nathan and ruined Kyoko, he did not know they were there at first. Because Caleb was no threat, the four visitors paid him no mind. So another day passed before he was rescued.

In the three days inside, Caleb divided his time between sleeping, licking condensation from the walls to slake his thirst, and trying to reboot Nathan’s computer system. After the first day he began hallucinating. Sometimes Ava would come to him and watch him from the door, asking him questions but answering none of his own. Sometimes it was Nathan come to gloat that even this he had foreseen and planed. Sometimes Kyoko would stand there, but they would ignore each other. Then the four men entered the room and turned on the computer. Three of them sat, one at each screen, while the fourth browsed the sticky notes. They paid Caleb no mind at all as he watched them.


Four men of power and great height walked to the facility through the trees, not from underground. They rarely interacted with each other, each was ruler over his own hemisphere and was behind all the conspiracies that happened there. They would not enter alone but sent a violet three tailed saber cat ahead of them to guard the way. It would kill and eat anything which tried to leave, human or otherwise. When it had made a round through the halls, the four men entered.

Three men sat at the computer screens while the fourth woke Caleb. This fourth one assured Caleb they meant him no harm, even fed him and released him to his own room for a shower. But the violet saber cat blocked the way to leave. So he went back to the computer room. There was no speaking, but each conveyed what they wanted to know. If he could convince the violet saber cat to let him go then he could leave, but the four men would not help him and didn’t care what he chose to do so long as he didn’t get in their way.

The violet cat explained to Caleb that he would need to be too small to notice in order to get by him. The walls and cat began to grow higher and higher while Caleb watched nervously. He wanted to be small enough to get by the cat, but not so small that he became unavoidably lost in the woods. So he misjudged it, set out too soon, and was slurped up by a violet saber cat.


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