…or “The Strangest Theme Park Ever”
First posted 07/02/10

Every ride only takes people three at a time, but we’re a large group and we’re in an even number. (Sure 6, 12, and so on are even, but maybe they don’t exist right now.) I’m chosen to be the one to wait it out and go with a pair who wants to ride anything again. So I temporarily become a lifeguard.

I’m on a large, stationary, wooden platform while everyone else breaks up into groups of three and gets on shorter, round, moving platforms which will eventually take them to their chosen ride. The platform move across water which is why a lifeguard is needed.

But the wooden rafts stop moving, everyone stops moving. So I decide to ride the rides on my own. I run down the dimly lit corridor to the first ride. I ride them all. The strangest one is the ride that’s an interactive mystery. There are three suspects – tall and handsome, tall and ugly, short and ugly. You have to pick which one you think it is and this determines the ride. It feels like being part of a Scooby-Doo episode. In the end, it’s tall and ugly but he’s wearing a mask.

Now I’ve ridden all the rides, so I run back to my post. Just as I get there everything starts moving again. There’s some confusion with the last group, it’s two girls and one guy. One is my best friend from 7’th and 8’th grade, the guy is someone she once dated. But I don’t know the third person. He doesn’t want to ride the rides. And, oddly enough, he has my watch. I asked him to hold on to it for me so that it wouldn’t get wet if I had to do my duty as a lifeguard. The band is broken so he has to carry it around. This upsets him.

The two girls decide to go without him, since the rafts pass by the lifeguard stand they decide they’ll pick me up on the way to the rides so that I don’t have to wait for everyone to go. Someone shows up, another girl from grade school. She’s going to take my place as lifeguard, so as soon as that other raft gets here I’ll be free to go.

But they guy decides he wants to ride the rides after all. He tries to put my watch on. I shout that the band is broken, but he can’t hear me. He gets it on, but it falls right off onto the ground. He doesn’t notice. It’s going to get stepped on! It’s my favorite watch!

I jump off the lifeguard stand and land on top of the water. I swim without actually being in the water. He, however, is in the water and also swimming. I pass over him. I get to my watch and the tall ugly man is there. Somehow, I’m still on the mystery ride. The mystery was not 100% solved. More than who did it and who he really is, you have to figure out why he did it.


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