Inspired by Kick Ass

… or “Inspired by Terry Goodkind”
First posted 07/10/10

You may find it odd, but it happens more often then you’d think. Tonight, I am male.

My car may be a junker, but it’s all I’ve got. I use a combination of magic and mechanical knowledge to keep it running, sometimes it’s all magic. I’m a Super Hero (not Kick Ass, but the dream feels a lot like that movie did), but everyone knows who I am. For the most part I am untouchable, so this breach of my identity doesn’t bother me. I use magic that can both create and destroy (it isn’t called Additive and Subtractive, but it feels a lot like that book), not many people can do both. Mostly people can do one or the other.

The world is going to end unless a special key is found, but every key I find is already broken. A professor friend and my girl friend are working on other leads while I’m off in another country looking for a key. I come to it about the same time as another group of people. They use dark, destructive magic to destroy the key and then get away. They don’t try to attack me, they just run. I realize they’ve been somehow tracking my movements and then getting just a step ahead of me in order to destroy the keys I’m looking for. Only a certain number were made and there’s only one left. And I know who’s going to find it.

It’s my house but I’m not there. In my dream, I’m seeing events that do not involve me, much as a movie might show events not involving the protagonist. My professor friend is on the phone with me, I tell him to be careful. I tell him about the group going around and destroying the keys. It’s about that time when my girl friend finishes a ritual (she’s a sorceress after all) and a key is summoned into being. It’s the first time in the dream that we get a good look at this key. It looks like something I saw in a math book, a figure with infinite surface area but finite volume.

She starts casting protection spells on it at the professor’s direction to protect it from this faceless group. They arrive and are unable to destroy the key. Black orbs appear above the professor, my girl friend, and another person who is in the house. All three people disappear, and the key, and the orbs. They’ve been transported somewhere. I arrive in time to see the bad guys leaving.

One stays behind, she’s a sorceress who specializes in seduction. I have no interest in her games though. We battle.

She leads me to the hideout where the key and the hostages are. She hopes I’ll inadvertently destroy the key. Our battle is rather even, mostly because I’m trying to not destroy the hide out. I find myself blocking her attacks on me just as much as her attacks on the building. I have little left to make my own attacks. There are power lines nearby, I feed that energy into the building, somehow it won’t hurt the key. Unfortunately it will kill everyone inside. It’s the only way.

The building puffs up like a balloon and turns purple, so do all the people inside. The building bursts, throwing sticky purple liquid everywhere. Only the seductress and I survive. She thinks this is because I’ve finally fallen for her, but then she realizes I’ve done something far worse – I’ve stripped her of her beauty and power. She will live as a common girl with nothing spectacular about her except her rage and her desire for revenge. But she’s powerless to act on either.

The police show up and I realize it’s been raining. My car is mostly sunk in a ditch, but I can use magic to start it and drive away.

What happened to the key? Somehow it stopped the end of the world but I had no more involvement after destroying the building.


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