Part of the Pack

…or “This is what happens when you inadvertently see 30 seconds of a teen/tween drama about werewolves…”
First posted 07/20/10

We’ve been loners for some time, my friend and I. I don’t know how we never became part of a pack, but it’s getting harder to survive on our own. We meet a third loner, he wants to set up a pack. Just the three of us. But we can tell he’s new to his skin, we don’t trust him. Instead we head to a small town where we know a pack was recently decimated by a blood feud. They should be eager for new members.

Being loners, we’re not initially trusted, and the male least of all. My friend has been getting attached to this new male, it bothers me because I don’t trust him. One day he has a fight with the Alpha and goes away for a few days. We’re all eating (raw beef and warm honey) when he shows up with a giggling girl. She wants to be a werewolf too, but it’s clear she’s on some kind of drugs. She jumps on one of the tables and then says, “But oooo… I’m already a vampire, is that a problem?” Apparently, vampires can go out in the sunlight.

“Kill her,” the Alpha says. She’s too drugged to really know what’s going on. She doesn’t struggle much while three men grab her and take her away from the tables. Vampires are little more than vermin to werewolves, they’re weaker and usually stupid. And they die easy. One of them tugs her leg, it shatters like porcelain. Now I realize why the table didn’t shake when she jumped on it, vampires are hallow. And other slaps her, her head and the rest of her shatter when she hits the wall. She didn’t act like it even hurt while it happened.

The Alpha glares at the offending male, the others understand. From somewhere unseen a gun is brought out and the male shot. It quickens my pulse, the fear that I might be next simply for being associated with the male. My friend goes nuts, wailing and snarling. “Take her somewhere to calm down.” But I know I won’t see her again. The Alpha doesn’t want her killed in front of me, he can already smell my fear.

I will be allowed to stay. Not only have I been careful to be respectful and trustworthy in my time there, but the Alpha has taken a liking to me. He lost his mate and might decide his new one will be me. But not too soon, not after the way the other two I arrived with acted. I will have to gain more respect in the pack before I can be his mate.


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