The Unown

…or “Missing You”
First posted 07/23/10

This place is a maze. Every room has multiple doors, some I can’t reach. There are also holes, some leading to oblivion and some which are just another part of the maze. Doing certain things unlock Unown within the room. (Unown is a kind of pokémon.)

In one room I step on particular tiles, they float downward and I jump off at the last second. The tiles fall away and reveal symbols of particular Unown. There’s a pattern, but I haven’t figured it out. I feel very close to unlocking them all, but behind the next door I open I find my husband.

He’s sitting in the passenger seat and I’m driving. We’re going to an apartment complex, but I don’t recognize it. “I’m just going somewhere to think,” I tell him. My sisters are in the backseat. They’re talking about something but all I hear is a faint buzz.

It starts raining so I decide to drive home. The rain sounds wonderful. After a while it’s just me and my husband in the car, I don’t know where my sisters have gone. None of the streets are familiar but I’m not afraid. I know we’ll make it where we’re going eventually.


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