Pre-Test Jitters

…or “The Invention of Dreams”
First posted 07/24/10

I’m going to the airport to pick up a friend and it’s already going wrong. I go through the Toll-tag only line and end up without a little ticket. I’m worried because I don’t know what will happen when I try to leave the airport without that little ticket.

I get to the right gate, but he’s not there. I decide to park my car even though it says there is no parking. It’s in a blind curve so I think no one will see it. I get on my bike and go inside the airport (because I can cover more ground on my bike, see?). Only my bike is about twice as tall as it should be. No one cares.

I find my friend and guide him to my car, which is smashed. A cop car came around that blind corner and didn’t see my car in time. It’s not even my current car but the one I drove years ago as an undergrad. And it’s almost half as tall as it should be. I’m in a panic! I’ll have to take us both home on my bike!?

But it’s alright, he has his bike too, so now the only issue is that we’ll be riding our bikes a long way. And he’s got luggage. And my sister is suddenly there.

His luggage fits on the back of his bike (and seems to have shrunk some) and my bike now has a bike seat across the back wheel so I can carry my sister. We’re all set.

The ride is dangerous! For whatever reason we keep crossing the highway to get where we’re going, so we have to navigate lanes of cars wizzing by. And some people have decided to have a dirt bike race on the highway today. I end up causing a wreck when I clip the end of one of the dirt bikes… despite my bike being so much lighter, his is the one that goes out of control and he runs into three other racers. People are upset, but we ride on.

The highway gives way to busy neighborhood streets. A lot of kids are wizzing by on a new invention you wear on your feet. It goes faster than skates! My friend, sister, and I stop at the house of the kids who invented the thing. It’s very rubbery, you step on it and it sticks to your feet instantly. The bottom is somehow slick and sticky at the same time so you can glide very fast but won’t come up off the ground unless you want to. I suggest they use the same idea to make skateboards as well. They’re crazy about the idea and put me in charge of R&D. Their CEO (Who’s about 13) goes off to make me some business cards while I try to think of other fun ways to use this new rubber.


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