Back to School

…or “A Mysterious Room”
First posted 07/26/10

I’m in Sweet Valley and I’m a twin. My name is Elizabeth Wakefield (yes, from the book) and my twin is Jessica. If you’ve not read the books then I’ll tell you I look nothing like myself. I am now tall and blonde with blue-green eyes and a heart-shaped face.

It’s the first day of high school. I have my books and my schedule. I plan on being a journalist one day, so one of my classes is about the history of photography. (Odd for a freshman, I know.) We get some homework assigned in the class, but it’s nothing major. My other classes have also given first day homework, and it’s all very easy.

“What’s with all this homework?” one classmate asks.

“I know,” I reply, “Hopefully they’ll give us something harder soon.” He looks at me confused.

I have lunch with my twin and we talk about our classes. We only have one class together on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and one class together Tuesday-Thursday. An upper-classman walks by and sees I have a class in the fabled “Room 1331”. People believe the room doesn’t exist, I should go to the office to find out if it’s a misprint.

I know better though, Room 1331 is just on the second floor instead of the first like it should be.


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