The Heist

…or “Told You So”
First posted 07/29/10

The movie’s been going on for a while, sometimes it’s all that fills my vision and other times I can see who’s watching. The spectators change at times, but most often it is me, my husband, and his mother.

The movie takes place in Las Vegas where two waring crime factions want to pull off a Lottery heist. They’re going to use the laws of probability to rig the result of a particular ticket. Like many movies of it’s type, the math and computer science involved doesn’t ring true with the real world.

One group is the “bar group” while the other group, while criminals, are supposed to tug at our heart-strings with how “honestly” they do their business. The first group has infiltrated the casino, two of their agents have been working there for a while and now the the code used in the lottery machine in and out. They’re ready to start the heist.

“The pair working with them are in love,” I whisper to my husband. I’m talking about two people who aren’t in on the heist, co-workers of the two who are. They haven’t been seen much in any scene, but now that all four are in one room I know that something will go wrong and that their untold affections for each other will be realized during a fight for their lives. I expect one will die.

One of the thieves triggers a bit of security code they didn’t know was there, the room goes on lock down and each one grabs a co-worker as hostages. They grab, of course, the two with untold feelings for each other. They cry, they beg, each tells the other, “I love you!” and then their heads explode…

My mother-in-law screams, she was caught off guard. Turns out to keep their software engineers from falling into criminal hands, this casino rigs self-destruct bombs in them for if they’re ever taken hostage.

Before the rest of the movie even unfolds, I tell my sister (who’s watching now) that the nondescript woman we saw near the beginning who was lamenting her dead-beat husband will inadvertently get the rigger ticket and win the lottery because the thieves will have made some tiny error in their calculations. It happens just that way.

My husband and I are in a convenience store in Las Vegas where Dr. House lives. The store looks very much like the inside of a casino, but that’s just because everything in Vegas looks like that. House has a butler who’s always trying to get him to go out of the store, but House won’t leave. He’s afraid of something. My husband and I rent a room above the store, we don’t want the typical sort of Vegas stay but would rather see some of the unbeaten paths.

The woman with the winning lottery ticket, worried that her husband will beat her to take the prize money, gives me the ticket when I pass her on the street.


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