Glass Houses

…or “X-Ray Vision”
First posted 07/30/10

I work and go to school in a building all of glass. From the outside you can see clear to the other end of the building, but can see nothing inside the building. From the inside you can also see to anywhere outside, but you cannot see what is in the room next to you, above you, below you… The glass somehow protects from view whatever is inside it while providing a view to the other side.

My husband and I have been walking all day through this building, we can’t seem to find anything. At one point we found some stairs and we’re now on the third floor, but we can’t find any doors or a bathroom or an elevator or even the stairs we found before. Tired from all the walking, I sit down and take my shoes off.

Two professors show up and ask us what we’re doing and my husband explains the situation. One listens to him while the other asks what I’m doing on the floor. He makes it seem absurd to sit on the floor, but I’ve always been comfortable doing it. I tell him my feet hurt, and then I feel bad because I know his hurt as well.

My husband and I get invited to lunch with the two professors and we accept, if only to figure out how to get out of this building. But there’s an eatery in the building, so we don’t get to leave. The food is good and inexpensive, but we still don’t know how to get out of the building.


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