The Extra Credit Is a Lie

..or “At Least the Room Held it’s Proper State”
First posted 08/08/10

My husband is teaching a class in a large lecture hall and I’ve been teasing him about it only to discover that my class has more than doubled in size and will have to be taught in a large lecture hall.

When I arrive there are way too many students to be just the ones registered for my class. The wood-trimmed room is packed with students, and most of them never shut up. I try teaching, but no one is listening. Well, a few are listening but they’re having a hard time of it due to the noise level. A few start leaving early.

“There’s a quiz tomorrow! If you leave now then you won’t know the extra credit!”

But I shout this in desperation, there is no quiz (yet) and no extra credit either. I count myself lucky that I don’t have to make up anything on the fly because the students are leaving anyway.

Except three. They come to the board and ask me about the extra credit. I don’t get the chance to tell them the truth.


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