The Schedule Is All Wrong

…or “How My Car Defies Time and Space”
First posted 08/09/10

It’s nearing three o’clock. Something is supposed to happen at three o’clock. Oh! It’s the first day of school!

As I head to class I have this feeling I’ve forgotten something. Or that something’s not right.

I get to class, there are too many students but I don’t feel stressed about that. I’m not the teacher, I’m a student. I recognize people, some who should be in the class and some who should not. I get myself situated and try to ignore the people who should not be here – especially since some of them were not nice to me in grade school.

The class feels off. It’s the first day but the professor is picking up homework. I know I did my homework, but I can’t find it.

And now I know what’s wrong with the classroom. There’s a chalk board instead of a white board, for one. But more strange than that, the chairs are all turned 90-degrees to the black board. Now I know it’s a dream. I reach into my backpack and pull out my “homework” so now it’s done.

Class finishes and I go home, even though I think I might have a class in half an hour. That doesn’t sound right… I pull out my planner, I know what my schedule should be but let’s see what it says.

It’s all wrong! I look at it for a while, wondering if I can fix it in the dream, but I can’t. It’s so strange to look at my planner and know what it should look like but it’s all wrong. I have a class during the time I’m supposed to teach. Also, my Tuesday/Thursday class is now Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I don’t see when I’m supposed to teach at all! I get in my car, I have five minutes to get to my next class but I arrive ten minutes early.


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