A Total Wreck

…or “Don’t Eat That!”
First posted 08/10/10

My band mate and I are in a very messy kitchen. I don’t think it’s his or mine, but it’s too messy to tell. There are dirty dishes, piles of uneaten food, microwave dinner wrappers, pizza boxes, Chinese food cartons, bottles, cans and cups of who-knows-what… and we’re eating it. One at a time we pick something up, sometimes pop it in the microwave, and then eat it. I’ve eaten an old egg-roll, half a slice of pizza, some melted ice cream, a paper plate, and I don’t know what else. He finds another egg roll when I finally come to my senses and leave.

My husband and I come home and out house is a wreck! While we were away my family decides they want to redesign the house. Everything has been disconnected and moved to somewhere else – the fridge, the toilet, the washer and the dryer, the shower… Some walls are painted, some have holes in them. Our cats are curled up in a new hole in the wall. There’s a sheet over one part of the wall and a dag is hiding there. It attacks me when I pull the sheet back. I call to my husband for help, but he tells me it’s a nice dog. While it attacks me.


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