The Dragon and the Jewel

…or “The Most Unlikely Story”
First posted 08/13/10

Dragons are about as prevalent as humans. Some hunt them, some befriend them. They can be food, foe, or friend. The color of their hide tells you how smart the dragon is – cool tones are the smartest of all. Then neutrals, and lastly are the dumb as dirt warm colors.

After failing to befriend a rather angry red dragon, I befriend a blue one instead. Turns out he’s a herd leader, so now I have a gaggle of blue dragons. The blue dragons are also known as water dragons because they live in water – oceans, lakes, rivers, anywhere with a lot of water. I train my dragons to only submerge if they are without a passenger and then I let my friends (the humans ones) have a dragon from the herd. We all go flying around over the water and in general have a great time.

I’m explaining something to a class full of students, it’s my Topics class. I’m giving short examples of the kind of stuff we’re going to do this semester. Based on their questions and what I’m saying, I think I’m doing this so that anyone who is on the fence about staying enrolled in the class can see how difficult or easy things will be. When I finally let everyone out I remind them that they can get extra copies of the handouts from my school web page.

Outside the building is a van with my family in it, we’re all going on a road trip. I jump through the second floor window and land in the van. We start driving.

We stop at a gas station to load up on gas and goodies. I’m arguing with my sisters about what snacks to buy. But I realize I don’t have time for this, I need to save the world!

Elphaba, her sister Nessarose, and I are running through a mall after hours. Someone is setting up an evil plot, they’ve made an item of great power and destruction and we’re here to destroy it. We’re heading to a particular store in the mall, we know the person behind this owns a Hot Topic store and is doing the deed there. We pass by a jewelry store with a broken window. There’s a silver plate on the floor with a dragon etched on it. It looks like it was used to break the window. We run by.

“You’ll never get away with this!” Elphaba shouts when we reach Hot Topic. I see some silver figurines on the floor and they look similar to the plate.

“There are two! Elphaba, I gotta go!” I run back to the jewelry store and rush through layers of security. It doesn’t seem like a mall anymore, but maybe it’s just the way jewelry stores in the mall are. There are many doors which seem to almost close but they let me through. Finally I get to a back room where there’s a girl who looks like a friend of mine from grade school. She’s holding a ring box and I know the unholy object is in there.

She doesn’t give me a fight when I take the box from her hand, but just laughs. She thinks I cannot destroy it by myself. I realize now that of the three of us who could destroy the thing alone, it would be Elphaba who could do it and not me. Just then, Nessarose shows up.

“Elphy can handle the other one alone, I thought you’d need some help though.” I’m grateful rather than insulted because I know she speaks the truth.

We open the ring box, inside is a round, green stone that looks like an eye.

“Don’t let the eye look into yours,” I caution Nessarose. I don’t know how I know that, I can just feel it. The stone starts to spin in place and we shut our eyes. It shines a green light in our face, but it’s so bright that we wouldn’t open our eyes even if we wanted to. Or so I think.

I hear Nessarose crying in pain and a thud. I look away from the stone and peek open one eye to see her writhing on the floor with her hands over her face. There’s green blood.

Now I have to do it alone…


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