School Never Was so Weird

…or “Will I Recover?”
First posted 09/29/10

My sisters and I show up to school, we’re all much younger today and back at our old Catholic school. My youngest sister goes to class but the middle child stays with me. We’re in the hallway having class. I’m being very disruptive, just about everything the teacher says I turn into a pun. My sister is pouting and quite upset because she doesn’t like the clothes she’s wearing. I decide to trade clothes with her, even though I’m bigger and the fit will be tight for me.

We go into the bathroom, which for some reason has no door. An old man follows us in. “This is the girl’s bathroom,” I tell him, annoyed.

“I know,” he says, looking closely at my sister.


My shout is so powerful that the walls shake, my hair and my sister’s is blown around, but he stands there as though nothing happened. I turn and see that the exterior wall is gone. I grab my sister and jump. We’re on the second floor, but some of the first floor is below ground level so the drop is shorter than a full story and we make it easily.

I have to find someone, I have to tell them about the man in the bathroom. Behind us the wall reforms solidly so I can’t see him anymore. I go running and find an adult and tell them what happened. They take my sister to class and then walk back with me to the outside wall of the bathroom. Now the wall is glass and inside we can see a film crew.

I am told he’s not really a predator, just an actor. The school is filming a video about child abuse awareness. I tell them they’re wrong, he was out to get my sister. But no one believes me. I know we’re all in danger.


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