Generation: Response

This is the first time I’ve noticed a prompt from The Daily Post. The prompt says, “Generation,” which is a word that currently means a lot to me. Not only has my world view been slowly changing to be dramatically different from family members a generation or more older than me, but I’m also a new mom. I look at the world as a place where I stand between what was and what will be. And like any mom, I want what’s best for my child.

I was raised in a southern-republican-christian household, but have done a complete 180 from that philosophy. It was a very long transition and still feels quite new and vulnerable. This troubles me because the vulnerability I feel about my new world views tends to make me hostile toward the old views. I try not to, but often react in extreme ways when accused of “being young” or “going through a phase.” Anger doesn’t sit well with me, it rises my already high level of anxiety, but I also don’t want my child seeing me react in anger to differences in belief. Ideally, he will grow up to understand there is a difference between respecting a person and respecting their beliefs, and that the first is more important than the second.

When I think about the older generation, I wonder why some can change and some cannot. Why some are open to change and some are not. I wonder who among my parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles will I become? Decades from now will I be holding on tooth and nail to some outdated social or moral position? Or will I be able to make an evaluation without emotion and listen to younger points of view?

I would spend more time on this, but just got back from a week-long, multi-state trip and need to do laundry, catch up on work and in general find some me time. I’m not too familiar with pingbacks, so maybe this counts:


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