Brawl Musings: Top 2

I think this Brawl was very fun. I started with little idea what I wanted to do, and since Druid is my favorite hero, I chose that to start with. I had no idea that I would stumble upon the initial meta of Innervate + Forbidden Ancient. This deck got me a dozen wins before other viable deck pairs began to emerge.

Here are some of my favorite opponents:

  • Shaman: Rockbiter Weapon + Whirling Zap-o-Matic
  • Druid: Naturalize + Coldlight Oracle
  • Warrior: Mech Warper + Gorillabot A-3
  • Warlock: Forbidden Ritual + Sea Giant

And my least-favorite opponents:

  • Mage: Ice Block + Fireball
  • Hunter: Bestial Wrath + Young Dragonhawk

After my Druid deck wasn’t winning every single time, I decided to play around with the format. I started by looking at my quests, which were to play high cost minions or win with Priest and Warlock. I started looking at Priest while thinking about how neat (though annoying) that spells-only Mage deck had been. I thought Light of the Naaru was a good starting place since it was a spell that could give me a minion. I paired it with Power Word: Glory, thinking of it as an anti-removal spell; meaning, it doesn’t kill my opponent’s minion but does make attacking with it something they’re less likely to do. This made for some very long games. I soon abandoned the combo.

For the remainder of the day and part of today, I have run with Mechwarper + Gorillabot A-3. I like how it’s easier to keep minions in my hand and the fun of dropping seven minions on turn 3 (or 2 + coin). Depending on my quests, I may keep with this or try other classes and combinations.

Just to close, here’s a list of the top combinations I’ve seen for each class.

Mage: Ice Block + Fireball
Shaman: Evolution + “Choose your favorite 2-for-1 minion”
Druid: Innervate + “Choose your favorite Old God”
Paladin: Um… I don’t think I played against a single Paladin.
Warlock: Forbidden Ritual + Sea Giant
Hunter: Mechwarper + Metaltooth Leaper
Warrior: Bolster + Shield Bearer (or Target Dummy)
Rogue: I also didn’t see any Rogues.
Priest: Mechwarper + Gorillabot A-3


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