Brawl Musings: Unite Against Mechazoid

This is (I think) the third time I’ve played this brawl. It could also be that I played it so much the first time that I just think I’ve played it twice before. The point is, I’ve played it. It’s one of my favorites mainly for the mechanic of working with your opponent.

Seeing as the decks are already made and you don’t even decide which hero you play, there isn’t much to say about deck choices. It really comes down to RNG and how you and your “opponent” play the cards. It’s a brawl that I thought was well-known enough to avoid certain obvious misplays, but here are just some of the ones I saw:

  • Here’s one that I think newcomers didn’t realize wouldn’t work. Using Blessing of Wisdom on Mechazoid. None of his attacks are like that of a minion, so you’ll never draw cards from this play.
  • Coining out Milhouse on turn one. Really!? This is a card you want to play when you think your “opponent” has the Lorewalker card AND you have enough mana next turn to play at least some of the spells you’re going to get. This lets you duplicate really useful spells such as Blessed Champion and Holy Light.
  • Speaking of Lorewalker Cho, it’s important to understand how long he’ll be around once played. It works like this:
    • Lorewalker is played: player can cast spells to duplicate them
    • Opponent casts spells to duplicate
    • Lorewalker is killed – so use spells while you can!!! (Also, don’t buff the Lorewalker, his death is inevitable.)
  • One misplay I was surprised to see was not protecting the biggest minion. This responsibility usually lies with the Paladin since he has Hand of Protection, but the Priest shares responsibility when the biggest minion is injured and needs healing to survive another attack. You protect this big minion with buffs and healing because Mechazoid no longer assassinates it but deals attack damage to it instead.
  • Lastly, don’t make your “opponent” overdraw! Avoid Lorewalker if you or your “opponent” have full or moderately full hands. Don’t play a Coldlight Oracle if it will cause overdraw, either. And it’s smart to do a quick double-check before killing off a Dancing Swords card.

Now let’s look at some of the brawl ideas this one suggests. I’m sure one anticipated brawl is to do something like this but with the newest expansion of cards. It’s a brawl they can change up a variety of ways with different heroes, enemies and synergies. What about doing something totally off the wall?

For example, imagine if Mechazoid wasn’t just an RNG AI? What if he was controlled by a third player in the brawl? Depending on how exactly two players are chosen for a Brawl, this could be a simple thing to implement by just grabbing three people instead of two.

While we’re grabbing more than two players, what about a 2-on-2 fight? This is an idea I’ll talk more about in a later post.

Overall, I think it’s a very fun brawl and really enjoy seeing new mechanics that get you thinking about card synergies in new ways.


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