Brawl Musings: Heart of the Sunwell

Although this is a returning brawl, it’s from so long ago that this is my first time playing it. I think it’s a fairly interesting idea, and here are some of my thoughts regarding it after playing a few hands.

1. Standard decks
I was sort of surprised to see people playing what looked like ordinary decks. Starting with 10 mana changes the early game A LOT, so seeing turns where a Paladin plays some murlocs or a Warlock puts out a handful of small minions just made me scratch my head.

2. Card draw is important
Unless you flood your deck with just 8, 9 and 10 mana cards, then you’ll be playing multiple cards each turn. My deck had about half 6 mana and up cards with some cheap removal and draw, so if I drew poorly then I found myself lacking cards in hand. Either playing Warlock or having multiple draw cards is a good idea with this brawl.

3. Removal is also important
Since you can expect a higher number of large minions, then you should choose a variety of removal options. AOE spells that only deal a small amount of damage won’t be as useful, but spells like Blizzard, Assassinate and Mulch are great. Priest spells that steal minions are also good to have.

4. Every class wins
OK, that might be exaggerating, but it really does seem like most (if not all) classes have some way to win. Let’s look at each one individually:

You can basically play a ramp deck without the ramp components. You don’t need to accelerate your mana, so replace those cards with as many big minions and hard removals that you can.

OK, so I don’t know Hunter as well as the other classes, but I’m sure there’s something great here…

You can make a strong dragon/freeze deck and load up on expensive dragons. With so many dragons, it’s easy to activate cards that require dragons, and by starting with 10 mana, you don’t sacrifice early game by including more high cost dragons than normal.

People seem to think murloc Paladin is good here, but I haven’t seen any evidence. Instead, try N’Zoth Paladin with every high cost deathrattle you have. The combo of Equality-Consecration is, of course, strong.

The shining light of Priest is stealing minions, the bigger the better. Since you don’t need as many early minions, you can load your deck with all the steals. Similar to mage, you can also make a very high cost dragon deck to steal the win.

This is another class I don’t know as well as the others, but I hear that Kripparian has done well with a Miracle Rogue. This sounds really great, especially if you win the mulligan. With 10 mana, you can easily cycle through your deck with a ton of spells before your opponent even gets to blink.

Overload is no longer as damaging in this format. Do you want to Overload on turn 4? No problem! It used to be, if you wanted to play Doomhammer on turn 5, that you’d try to avoid overload effects on turn 4. This, and other decisions, are no longer hard to make. Stack your deck with overload and flood the board with no fear of punishment.

In my opinion, the best thing Warlock has going for it in this format is the ability to play whatever card is drawn. If you fill your deck with cards that cost 8 mana or less, then you can always play what you draw.

Lastly we have another class I’m not too familiar with. I’m sure there’s something out there though, maybe dragons?

Overall, I enjoyed this brawl and may try out some of the decks I talked about above. When it first began, I just made a deck mostly at random with a bunch of big minions, removal and card draw. It seemed to work out, but I’m sure as everyone gets used to the format that I’ll need to take more thought with my card choice.


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