Hearthstone Exercise Challenge

I realize that I’m doing this in the wrong order. First should have been the blog (so I could link to it) and then the live video. Live and learn.

Q: What is the Hearthstone Exercise Challenge (HEC)?

A: HEC is a way to combine playing Hearthstone and exercising. My rules don’t have to be your rules, but I encourage you to use mine until you come up with your own. Also, the rules are very changeable and can suit your own progress. For now, here are my rules:

  1. After a game, spin the wheel.
    What wheel? I got mine from http://wheeldecide.com. It’s very easy to modify for your own purposes. I put seven items on my list, but you can put whatever you want to do. My list: Bicycle twists, Pointers, Burpees, Sit-ups, Push-ups, Pullovers, Rest. I added the rest in case I needed it, but skipped it when the wheel chose it.
  2. For a win, do 3 reps. For a lose, do 6 reps.
    I started with 2/5 but changed to 3/6 when that was too easy. If you’re way out of shape, try 1/2. However, if you’re a big fitness powerhouse, try 10/25. I dare you.
  3. Repeat

You can see my first stab at the challenge here: https://www.twitch.tv/thepurplespiral/v/75637326

So, are you going to take the Hearthstone Exercise Challenge? Leave a comment here on my blog, on my Twitter, or send me a message on Twitch.


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