Pokémon Go: Day 1

When I was browsing some game news this morning, I saw that Pokémon Go was available in the US! Woot! So, I downloaded it as soon as possible, modified my trainer and started a walk. Since it was morning, I was going to walk my son to school anyway. This time, there were pokémon to catch!

I started with Charmander, he’s long been a favorite of mine. I tend to like the fire starter overall, though when Sun and Moon come out, I’ll be choosing grass. Anyway, I got my son into his stroller and off we went.

Within a few houses I captured my first wild pokémon: Pidgey. I realized right away that I was bad at catching pokémon while walking, so any time I spotted one later on, I’d stop to catch it. (Soon after, I realized I was just bad at catching pokémon, period.)


We were about half way to the school when I came across my first gym! It was at the local pool and already claimed by someone with an Electabuzz. I couldn’t even battle there because I was only level 3, but it made me very excited!

In the entire one hour walk (30 minutes to get my son to school, 30 minutes back home) I found at least seven Poké-Spots (stopped counting) and four gyms. The gyms were at a pool, a church, a library and the fire station. By the time I got home, I was level 4. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to grab a gym. (I want the fire station or library.)


For my last bit of news, I tried to walk to some nearby Poké-Spots after I’d done some work. Unfortunately, it was late enough in the day that any kids who were sleeping in during summer break were finally awake and playing. (That’s my theory anyway for why I kept getting disconnected.) My walk was a bust, but I’ll try again another day. Overall, I’m very excited about this game. (Also, I can’t wait for my trip to Florida, maybe I can get some water pokémon.)



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