Pokémon Go: Top 5 Wishes

It’s only been a few days and Pokémon Go is already making a huge impact in people’s lives. (Such as all those poor out of shape players who got sore after playing for one day.) While playing, there have been a few things that I’d like to see added. Some are things people have commented will be added anyway, such as the ability to trade with and battle other players and additional customization options for our avatars. However, there are things I’d like to see which I haven’t heard mentioned as much or at all. So here they are, laid out for your enjoyment.

Solo Play
While the social and walking aspect of the game is fun, it would be nice if there was also a solo component that was more involved than pokémon management. (That is, transferring extras to the professor and powering or leveling the remaining ones.) Though I wasn’t a big fan of it in X/Y, even something as simple as Pokémon-Ami would be welcome. Something that would be more enjoyable would be a local NPC or two that you can battle against. Of course, the experience gained from this endeavor would be less than battling at a gym since exploration is the main point of the game, but it would give people something to do if they’re stuck at home or in a boring meeting at work.

It’s been said by others that there are plans for customizing your avatar, but I would also like to see customization for pokémon. Equip-able items, tattoos and other markings would be a fun way to personalize your pokémon, especially the one(s) left at a gym. I don’t want anything too extravagant, but a nice little hat or bow tie for my Pikachu (the dashing Mr. Sparkle) would be most welcome.

Photo Station
The ability to take an augmented reality photo when catching a pokémon is great, but there needs to be more. There are two ways this could go: 1) The ability to rotate the camera for “selfie” captures, or 2) the ability to stage a picture with pokémon you’ve caught. I prefer the second, but would settle for the first.

Larger Gym Radius
I am very thankful to the people who made great efforts to populate the country with PokéStops and Gyms, but there are a few problems that happen when doing this on such a large scale. Specifically, there’s a Gym in my town that sits quite a ways from the road. It’s in front of a fire station with no places to sit or stand without feeling like you’re loitering. A slightly larger radius would make it possible to be in the next parking lot and not look like you’re staking out the fire station. Just saying.

Complex Stats
I’ve seen others talk about this, and honestly, it’s not something I see being added in the future. That doesn’t mean I can’t wish for it. Really, the battle system is far too simplistic and tap-happy. I would love to see one of those multi-point webs that highlights whether a pokémon has high speed, attack, defense or other attributes. If the combat could slow down some and be more strategy and skill-based, that would be great. Like I said, I don’t see this happening. But maybe, if enough people ask for it, then an alternate battle mode may be introduced for use in trainer-to-trainer battles.

So that’s it, my five biggest wishes for Pokémon Go. Do you think any of them are possible? What other features would you like to see? Leave some comments below.


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