Brawl Musings: Randomonium

This week we see a repeat brawl, Randomonium. It’s basically crossroads with a twist. Your only choice is which hero you want to play, after that you get a randomized deck with randomized mana costs. The cost of each card changes each turn, but is never higher than the original cost of the card nor lower than 1. So a 1-mana card will always be a 1-mana card, but a 10-mana card can cost from 1 to 10 mana.

With so much randomization, what kind of strategy can you create? This is a brawl where I think arena play rules apply, so tempo plays are your best bet. The biggest part is the mulligan, where you basically have three strategies:

  1. Keep mostly low cost cards to guarantee something to play in the early game. I don’t recommend this strategy, unless you have an amazing 1-drop like Zombie Chow.
  2. Keep mostly high cost cards since there’s a chance they’ll  be cheep enough to play early. While risky, this seems to be a good strategy.
  3. Keep mostly removal to deal with your opponent’s high-cost, early minions. You play a control-style this way, but it tends to work out.

Of course, you can mix these up some and try for low cost minions plus removal, or aim for mid-range minions that also have a chance to cost less in the early game. Strategies 2 and 3 gave me the most wins, and why? Because with all this randomization, the name of the game becomes: She Who Plays the First Early Minion Her Opponent Cannot Remove, Wins. It’s easy to see that if you play Confessor Paletress in the first three turns and it sticks, your opponent is in for a world of hurt.


As to the hero you choose, there’s little evidence (in my own playing) that any hero is particularly strong overall. It’s mostly about your tempo and removal, which potentially exists in all decks once you randomize stat cost. If you find you’re emptying your hand more often than not, stick to Warlock just for the tap.

That’s all I’ve to say about Randomonium. What did you think of this repeat brawl? Leave a comment in the section below, or even a link to your favorite brawl moment.


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