Hearthstone – Setting Goals

I have finally acknowledged that my play style just isn’t going to cut it if I ever want to reach Legend. (Shoot, my play style can’t even get me to rank 10.) The way I see it, two major impediments are holding me back:

  • I’m a pack-rat. Seriously. It’s amazingly hard for me to dust a card because in the back of my mind I hear this voice screaming, “But you may use it someday!” Because of this, I don’t have full meta decks. For example, my Zoolock (which is moderately successful) runs a copy of Reckless Rocketeer instead of Leeroy Jenkins because I can’t afford to craft the Legendary. I also really want to play N’Zoth Paladin, but that requires at least three legendaries I don’t have. (Tirion, Sylvanas, and Cairne)
  • I don’t play enough. This is a problem with making a schedule. I work from home and have a toddler in day care. If I didn’t let little time-wasters get in the way, I could probably play for two hours straight each day, and then two more hours most evenings. Instead, I tend to multitask between writing, dishes, laundry, games and other projects. This means not only am I playing less Hearthstone than I want to, but I’m usually distracted while doing so.

So what’s the solution? Goals. (Hopefully.)

To help me with my pack-ratted-ness, I’m going to choose TWO characters and stick with them. I haven’t nailed down which two yet, but the top contenders are Warlock, Paladin and Rogue. Once I’ve chosen my two, I’ll dust everything else (except legendaries) and make my decks. The goal will be to get these two classes to a Golden hero before the end of the year. Since most of my heroes have between 60 and 100 wins, that’s going to be 100 wins per hero (of the two chosen) each month for four months.

The second thing to do is create a schedule. I’ve had and discarded several schedules in the past, so this one is going to be quite hard. My goal in this regard is to make a workable schedule by the end of this week and then post it on Monday. This should also help with my goal of updating my blog a bit more regularly.

So there’s my plan so far. Included in that is going to be getting a new webcam (mine is so old there aren’t drivers for it anymore) and revamping my stream. Wish me luck!


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