Hearthstone – Setting Goals (2)

I’ve only completed one part of my goal: making a schedule. It actually wasn’t too difficult once I compared notes with my husband so that we could coordinate which of us takes care of our son each evening. Since I’m also in two local choirs, I don’t have as many evenings to play as I would like. I also decided that I need to spend quite a bit more time on my actual job to make actual money. For now, streaming will just have to be a hobby and take the back burner like so many other things.

Anyway, here’s what my new weekly schedule looks like:

  • MONDAY: Work four hours, take care of kiddo, no streaming
  • TUESDAY: Work four hours, take care of kiddo, choir at night
  • WEDNESDAY: Streaming for Tavern Brawl, streaming in the evening, some work in between
  • THURSDAY: Work four hours, take care of kiddo, choir at night
  • FRIDAY: Small amount of work mixed with other projects, take care of kiddo, no streaming
  • SATURDAY: Productive weekend, streaming in the evening
  • SUNDAY: Productive weekend, no streaming

As you can see, there are two evening times for streaming and one time during the day. This schedule will start next week and take place on my new Twitch channel: twitch.tv/CabrianaPlays

The second goal, choosing two classes to main for the rest of the year, has been much harder. I can’t decide between what is successful and what I like. I really like playing Paladin, but I’m rarely successful with it. Similarly, I used to be good with Rogue but changes in the meta have made it much harder. Then there are the streamers I watch who make every class look so easy but I struggle to pull of their win rates. My current idea is to just spin a wheel and let it decide for me.

Anyway, that’s where I am with my Hearthstone goals. Next Wednesday I’ll be back to streaming, and with a new video camera! It’s supposed to arrive at the end of this week, giving me a few days to get it set up and ready. Ta-ta!


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