Brawl Musings – Party Portals!

Today I qued into my new favorite brawl. Each player is Mehdiv, which I’ve never experienced before, so that was fun. Then, we have a new kind of “minion,” which I use quotes for since part of the text says: Does not count as a minion. This “minion” reduces the cost of all portal spells by one, which is neat. They’re names are also interesting: Wanda Wonderhooves, Suzie Sizzlesong and Mark Moonwalker. Finally, everyone gets just portals in their hand. There’s the new ones from Karazhan, Unstable Portal and Party Portal! Now that I’ve explained the particulars, let’s look at some gameplay stuff.

The mulligan is VERY important here. Even though Maelstrom Portal will be 1 mana, you want to chuck it if you have no Unstable Portal. Unstable Portal is what you want, hands down. If you go first, it’s the only turn one play that makes sense. If you’re going second, try for two of them. Getting random minions in your hand gives you some extra flexibility since you can play them out when needed.

The second card to keep is Party Portal! The party minions are quite good, such as Red Riding Hood. She’s the best kind of taunt, one that prevents any more damage after her death. I did notice one interesting interaction, though. I had Argent Watchman out, and if you don’t recognize the name it’s the one with the text: Can’t attack. Inspire: Can attack as normal. I used my hero power to kill of Hood and then my Watchman was able to attack. The order must have been:

  • Deathrattle: affects all minions able to attack.
  • Inspire: ignores previous effects.

All the other portals are fun to use for their random results and the whole thing is just a bunch of fun. I only wish I could have chosen my class so I could finish that annoying Warrior quest I have.


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