Brawl Musings – All-Star Squad!

This week’s Tavern Brawl has two choices: What class will you play and which card will you choose? You can, of course, choose a common card to go with any class, or if there is a class card you like, well, play that class. The description text compares this brawl to two past brawls where your deck was full of spiders or portals. How did I do? Read on.

I started with a Paladin deck and used Light in the Darkness to discover minions. While this worked fairly well against people who were also experimenting with cards, it was actually kind of bad. For going first, you wait until turn two to play anything, then you have to hope you have something to play next turn. If your opponent is running a similarly slow deck, like portals or Shifter Zerus, then you might be OK. You are pretty much playing Arena at that point.

However, two other decks showed up that really give Light in the Darkness, and similar decks, a run for their money. First was the Druid Naturalize deck. Even if you try to just not play any minions, it’s pretty likely that some of their eight class cards are minions and then they will mill you that way. The other was the Mind Blast Priest, who has a potential to kill you by turn 5.

From Top 2 and Top 3, most people know that Prince Malchezaar is an alright counter to Naturalize, so I decided to focus on Mind Blast instead. I played a Paladin again and used Forbidden Healing. It took a while to actually find a Priest (by this time, most were playing Naturalize or Prince Malchezaar), but eventually we got to throw down. While I did win, I wonder if my deck is actually a counter to the Mind Blast Priest. Here’s why.

Once the Priest knows what you are doing, he should hold on to his Mind Blasts. (My opponent did not.) On turn 10, Priest can deal 25 points of damage while Paladin can only heal for 20. A very lucky Priest, who draws 10 Mind Blasts in a row, will thus win the battle, so long as there are no other factors. This would take some planning on the Priest’s part, playing out non-Mind Blast cards in order to get the 10 in a row.

What did you think of the brawl? What was your favorite/least favorite deck?


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