Returning Card Prediction: The Black Knight

With Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (MSG) recently released and a new season starting, you have three players:

  • Scientists trying out the new cards.
  • Scientists trying to respond to the new cards.
  • Mid-range Shaman players climbing ladder.

Of course, I side with the scientists and have been having a blast with the new Jade cards. As I’ve played, I’ve wondered about where the new meta will go and what cards may become viable that haven’t seen much play. One card stood out to me.


Back when Whispers of the Old Gods was released, I thought The Black Knight would rise form the ashes due to the existence of Twin Emperor Vek’lor. Two 4/6 taunts late in the game? Probably when you’ve spent some (if not all) of your removal?

I was wrong. Rather than see play, The Black Knight languished and people either added a bit more removal to their deck or tried to play so fast that they’d kill their opponent before the emperors showed up.

So, why am I predicting this card with MSG? There are many more taunts in this new expansion and they’re actually pretty good. Also, they’re across multiple classes, meaning a taunt removal covers a variety of opponents. Who are the new taunts (and taunt supports)? List time!

  • Druid: Jade Behemoth is a must have if you are running a control Jade deck with Druid. Not only do you increase you golems, but you get a nice taunt for a breather from the damage you may have been taking.
  • Paladin: Whickerflame Burnbristle doesn’t cost much and has divine shield synergy so I think he’ll see a lot of play in aggressive decks. While The Black Knight can’t take care of him in the early game, if your opponent gets him late then not only do you up the pressure, you remove potential healing. Win-win!
  • Shaman: While Jade Chieftan might not be added to concede shaman (the taunt comes from a battlecry so doesn’t have synergy with Ancestral Spirit), it’s still a possibility in jade golem Shaman decks.
  • Warrior: This class got two new taunts and two taunt spells. Control Warrior can put up an enormous wall and then Bolster their way to a victory of attrition. Plus, while Stolen Goods can be problematic with there is no taunt in your hand, saving the spell for a combo with I Know a Guy guarantees value.
  • Priest: OK, so Priest did not get a class card with taunt, but they did get Wrathion, a 4/5 taunt that is likely to see play in dragon decks.

If you are playing a combo deck, then The Black Knight may be just what you need to push face. You can also punish your opponent for not respecting your board when they taunt up by removing it and then going face with everything.

What do you think? Will The Black Knight return? What old cards do you think will see more play now that there’s a new card set available?



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