Brawl Musings: The Dark Wanderer

This week we have a real treat, a Diablo-inspired brawl! I wanted to do a bit of a guide, but didn’t have time. Instead, here’s just some stuff I noticed.

The first thing you’ll notice is that before anyone takes a turn, your opponent gets three secrets and a 2/2 weapon. After you play a few times, you’ll discover that they aren’t the same three secrets each time. Though I suspect that a certain one is always there, and I’ll get to that later.

One interesting aspect is the “loot drop” system, or at least, that’s what I’m calling it. Much like in an RPG (or dungeon crawler), killing minions sometimes results in dropped loot. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them all, and here they are:

  • Weapon Rack – Deathrattle: Current turn player gains a random weapon.
  • Chest of Gold! – Deathrattle: Current turn player gains gold! (2 coins)
  • Discarded Armor – Deathrattle: Current turn player gains 5 armor.

As you can see, it’s to your benefit to kill these Deathrattle minions in order to “pick up” the “loot.” These all show up as 0/4 minions, so the only way The Dark Wanderer can benefit is with Power Overwhelming or by using single-target-removal, which I never saw him do.

While some secrets deal with the kind of minions you summon (Battlecry, Spell Damage, etc.), there is one that is very interesting. On my first play-through, I had enough poor draws that this secret activated:

  • Visions of Fate – When your opponent takes lethal damage… save him.

I haven’t tried to activate this secret again yet, but I think an automatic consequence is the summoning of this “minion:”

  • Enigmatic Portal – At the start of your next turn, your hero is transformed and sucked through the Twisting Nether.

The wording seems a little off, but what happened is we were both sucked through and a new battle begins called the Secret Level!


This was quite exciting, but also a bit daunting. The Dark Wanderer is replaced with The Cow King. He has 30 health and a passive Hero Power: Whenever a Hell Bovine Dies, draw a card. These Hell Bovines are 2/2 minions with a Deathrattle to put a copy of themselves back into the deck. It seems like an anti-mill mechanic, but I’m sure someone (DisguisedToast) will figure out how effective it is. Fortunately, I was restored to full health and I won the battle.

I look forward to seeing if this “secret” battle is always available or if there are other secrets to discover. The next post about this brawl, which will come out in a day or two, will be a look at how to win in this (or other) secret battle(s). I’ve only played with a Rogue Jaderattle deck so far (not even optimized at that), but I have a feeling Mage and Warrior will both have some good strategies.


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