Almost Too Real

… or “How Many Snakes on that Plane?” First posted 09/23/10 It’s time to get up and feed my cats. They’re pawing at the sheets and meowing softly in my face. They don’t like waking my husband up because he grumbles and pushes them off the bed, so they come to me.

Kindergarten Spy

…or “Friendships that Last a Lifetime” First posted 09/12/10 In the organization I work for, someone I cared for has been double-crossed and killed. I can trust no one, not even my own partner. I go into hiding. I know that she was working at a particular school while digging clues about something top secret, … More Kindergarten Spy

Bring Balance

…or “Who Will You Follow, Daughter?” First posted 09/11/10 The city is large, densely packed, and full of crime and corruption. I watch from a shadowed spot and I listen. I can choose to hear anything I want from all over the city. I hear a shoot out, but know that the police have it … More Bring Balance

Glow Bug

..or “How to Get Away from Pirates” First posted 08/17/10 I fell asleep thinking up a super hero origin and was soon on a boat. I was the only woman and so was in constant danger. One man took it upon himself to protect me, so I was able to sleep safely at night. However … More Glow Bug