Growing Up on Games

(Reposted from thedailynap.) Talking to my husband and my friends about video games always reminds me how my family was slightly outside the norm when it came to this form of entertainment. Some of it, I realize, stems from selective memory. Just because I don’t remember time limits and forced quits for dinner time doesn’t … More Growing Up on Games

A Mother’s Logic

With Mother’s Day less than a week away (and with the lovely gift she sent to honor my motherhood) I felt a need to speak about my mother and one of the many ways she made me who I am today. Though she at times denies it, my mother is a very intelligent person. She … More A Mother’s Logic

My Mother Mowing

I almost thought I’d have nothing today, but while mowing the lawn on Monday I couldn’t help but think about how my mother could make anything – even mowing – fun. I don’t mean she made it fun for me to mow, rather she made it fun that she was mowing. One house from my … More My Mother Mowing


What is wrong with a family when one person can’t trust another? When locks go on doors When clothes, clothes! Overpriced fabric with logos and jokes that at times are barely clothes at all! When fucking clothes are hoarded like a dragon’s gold To be sat upon, unused Why deny kinship Why invite tears and … More Family