Give It Back

The shadow that scurries across the street is just a leaf blown in the wind The shadow that lingers on the edge of the sheet is just a door left open The sound that echoes and sounds like glass breaking is only in my head The sound of a key along fresh paint raking is … More Give It Back


Where do you go when there’s no one to see? How do you sound when there’s no one to hear? How do you know you’re real? Is it when you love? Is it when you cry? Is it when you reach out in anger Toward the sky? Is it the way you live? Is it … More Reality

Verdant Hills

I’m bound for the hills of my home, For it’s there I was born, Raised, and belong. Oh, make me bound for the hills of my home, And I shall tarry In your fair court no longer. My hills are purple, Or green, Or yellow Depending only on the season And the year. The gently … More Verdant Hills