From One Boat to Another

…or “Silence of the Dolls”
First posted 08/04/10

My husband is in a play at his school so I’ve signed up for it as well. We rehearse. He brushes my hair while I lay on my side and then turn over to my other side. I’m supposed to be a bedridden plantation girl and he my slave (a woman slave). He also plays another role (a man) and there is supposed to be some sort of nurturing connection between the two roles.

Noises. I hear noises and think about the dolls.

I also signed up for another play, it’s a musical involving super heroes. The cast practices in full costume at high school football games in the stands. Based on the musical talent of the cast I get a feeling that there was no audition to get in this play.

The dolls keep waking me up.

I grab one and beat the other with it and hope it will turn them against each other. It only makes them hate me more. I wake up and realize I have not done this. I’m relieved, but I also worry that they secretly know what I just dreamed and are planning something nasty.

I’m providing entertainment at a birthday party with a friend who looks like Dwight Schrute. We go running through a Discovery-Zone-like playhouse leaving trails of candy for a horde of kids. If one of them can catch us then they get the prize of taking whatever candy we have left. But we’re too clever, we don’t get caught until we’ve dropped all the candy (and eaten some).

The dolls are bothering me less, but I still wake up from time to time.

On a boat on the high seas I and the rest of the crew are stretching out raw beef and making jerky. (I’ll spare you any further details.) We reach land and a small inlet. We get off the boat and it shrinks some so we can guide it into the inlet and up stream. There’s a house and a square, rock-lined pool where the stream originates. I am chosen to guard the boat while the captain and crew go elsewhere. I need to hide the boat so I tip it gently and let it fill with water. Eventually it sinks to the bottom. The water is very clear so the boat is still visible, and in fact the mast is high enough that it sticks out above the water, but somehow my work is done. The boat is hidden.

I notice a small white cat with black stripes. Not really a cat though. It is somewhat larger than a house cat but looks like a kitten. I am very curious but I know it’s mother could be around and I’d rather not upset her. However the large kitten is curious about me. Whenever I’m not looking over at it, it comes closer to where I am by the pool. Soon it’s close enough to touch, but I don’t touch it.

Around the corner of the house comes a white skinned woman with black and white striped hair. She’s wearing white. She, I realize, is mother to the kitten. There is a certain feline feel about her, she is a cat woman. She says I would not be able to tempt her daughter (the kitten) away from her side, but I think otherwise. I think about the raw beef that’s on the boat, but if I were to fetch the meat then the boat’s hiding place would be revealed. Instead I agree with the woman and keep the boat secret.


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